Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Micro "soft" Music!

Yesterday I found myself browsing Youtube for hours due to an extremely dangerous level of boredom. I can't say it changed my life but I saw a lot in those hours. I saw people open cars by sending the key signal through their phones, I saw a boy allow his friend to smash a guitar over his head but nothing would prepare me for what came next.

Oh dear! I've bigged this up a little too much but hopefully you'll find it interesting. There it was on the side of my screen, a link saying "Music made only from sounds of XP!" Cool!!! I hit the link and was simply stunned by the ambient tune that then played and true enough, only noises from XP were used - like when a pop-up appears.

Check it out yourself here and listen to many different compositions which are not only clever, but plesant on the ear.

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