Friday, 6 March 2009

Forget MyFace! Top 5 Music Websites

Now I'm a fan of MySpace. It's a great way of finding new music but there are a lot of other websites that are equally as good but are not as famous as they're not owned by web gurus google or Yahoo. Here are five of the best of the rest:

Slicethepie is simply a revolutionary idea. If you're a music fan, you can get paid to review unsigned bands and by review, I mean a couple of sentences. The more reviews you do and the more accurate you are in your rating, the more you get paid. I managed £5 in a hour which isn't bad seeing as it doesn't feel like work.

There's more, if your a band, then you can get your material published and reviewed. The highest rated bands get put into a showcase where fans vote for their favourite. The winner gets put up for financing and then Slicethepie users can invest in the band. I've got £5 invested in Machine OEM and if they make it big, I get a slice of their success. Although they may never headline Glastonbury, it's quite exciting and also a good conversation starter.

If you've heard of Spotify, then We7 is basically the same thing. You can create a playlist of your favourite tunes and listen to it as much as you like for free. It's legal as at the start of every song, there is a tiny advert which literally lasts 2 seconds. The adverts on We7 are nearly unnoticeable and seem slightly better than spotify.

Mog is basically a Myspace just for music dudes and dudettes and this blog is now an affiliate - Hooray. Like MySpace, you create a mog (profile page) and then download mogamatic which puts up the songs on your computer and recommends other bands for you as well as other moggers that have similar taste. Famous moggers include death cab for cutie, so don't twitter like primitive birds! Get Mogging!

Music radar is basically the ultimate website for guitarists, drummers, techy people and genral music lovers. It's made by a network of the best guitar and drum magazines including totalguitar and Rhythm. You can find band members, guitar lessons, drum lessons, tech lessons and software tips. Of course these tutorials are from the stars like Gary Moore. Every Friday, there is also the best of youtube which is always a laugh but it's a great source of quirky stories and fresh music news.

Omnifone is a UK based mobile phone service that charges a small monthly fee for users to have access to millions of tracks. News feeds of the bands your listening to and social networking are all included. A US version is being worked on.

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