Friday, 20 March 2009

Sasame Street Sensations

Sasame Street is the bees knees in my view but little did I realise when I was a diddy toddler, that it was also a great place to discover new music. Elmo was basically Jools Holland. You might think "Hold on there! The only Sasame music was corny counting songs!" Well these clips below beg to differ. Here's the top five musical acts on the worlds best show.

1. Johnny Cash

2.James Blunt - this one is funny

3.Destiny's Child

4. Feist

5.Norah Jones

Now you may have noticed the lack of posts on audiofish. Well I'm not losing the will to live. I'm trying to get the site promoted and its working well. Audiofish is now a mog music network member and I'm trying to put together a great team of writers so watch out for updates in the near future.

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1 Comentário:

Sarah said...

I had no idea they were all on Sesame Street! I loved it as a kid :)

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