Sunday, 4 January 2009

Geek Rap

Geek rap is my new favourite genre. This came to light after I saw the hadron collider rap and pondered to myself if there were other things like it on the web. The answer is that there is loads of stuff like it. The WWW is littered with the stuff so I picked a few of my favourites.

I am now hoping that one day one of the songs may get a record deal and be thrusted into te charts. It would be great to see Britney Spears feat the maths teachers! This new genre also means that mindless and repetitive Hip-Hop is now educational!

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2 Comentários:

legbamel said...

Have you listened to MC Frontalot's Bizarro Genius Baby? That one slays me every time.

Audiofish said...

Well I have now! Awesome!

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