Friday, 9 January 2009


So you've decided to find a hobby and you think playing an instrument would be a good idea. It is a good idea but you don't want a guitar because everybody plays one of them and the drums are too much hassel so how about some bamboo saxophones or a nano-guitar.

Here's the top ten weirdest intruments I could find on the net:

  1. LEGO Harpsichord
  2. Bamboo Saxophone
  3. Bikelophone - Don't ask me what this one is!
  4. Nano Guitar - Truly Awesome!
  5. Musical Saw
  6. Pikasso
  7. Rocket Launcher
  8. Serpent
  9. Sea Organ - musical instrument played by the sea
  10. Windform

Tell me if you find anything of equivalent stupidity.

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2 Comentários:

Michelle said...

Did you know there is anannual musical saw festival in New York? Info and videos of 30 saw players playing together:

Audiofish said...

Cool! Thanks for that Michelle. I've got to visit! (Sorry if your comment didn't appear instantly - fixed that problem hopefully)

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