Sunday, 18 January 2009

Music To Your Rear

When I started this blog, I though I may stray across some weird things but not this. I mean who designs toilet seats? Who would want to buy a piano toilet seat? Why do I want one? If this wasn't funny enough, then the severity of the product description will easily tickle your ribs.

From their web site: "After several years of research & development, Jammin' Johns presents our finest quality 'Studio Series'. The products are produced by a guitar factory that manufactures some of the most popular brands of guitars. The 'Studio Series' features our own newly designed ring with chrome hardware for low maintenance. All finishes are of the highest quality and are hand buffed."

Better yet, the site boasts their VIP customers, and the great Steven Spielberg is mentioned! I don't know what gets into these Hollywood star's heads.

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david said...

OH THIS IS FANTASTIC... I have so many friends who I am sure would buy one of these... I'll send them here directly to see for themselves.


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