Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Air Guitar Strings?

I've always loved seeing clips of air guitarists going crazy and I'll admit that It's not uncommon for myself to pick up my air gibson les paul standard and start playing at full volume around the living room. Anyway, today I went online to see when the world air guitar championship is this year (stop laughing! It's a serious event and yes, It does exist) and sure enough late August will see the crowning of a new hero.

What happened next shocked me more than Amy Winehouse having fans. The website I was on had a google advert for air guitar strings! Huh? I've heard the stories of people buying air guitars on ebay but this was ridiculous. So I clicked the link and came to another website selling air guitar strings for $1.99 and yes, they even have the cheek to charge shipping as well. Here's the website. Be sure to check out the basic moves and watch this pro for some tips.

Air guitar championship website

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