Saturday, 7 February 2009

Didgeridoo Therapy

Are you feeling the stress of life? Are you Paranoid or too cautious? Whatever your problem is don't visit your doctor. Oh no, don't do that, it would be normal. What you should do is visit your local didgeridoo therapy clinic which I'm sure your local town centre has many of.

It may seem too weird to exist but I came across today and was simply speechless. The site is all about how the vibrations from didgeridoo's helps solve all your mental problems and anxiesties. You may have already guessed, but I've not taken to the idea. Here's some of the twoddle on the site:

"The didgeridoo is a powerful tool to help lift an individual's vibrations back to a less chaotic and natural rhythm. It does this by producing a broad range of harmonics in an ancient and universal tone.

In everyday life the average person forgets to do the most basic tasks of proper breathing and healing meditation. This common, unhealthy practice can lead to life threatening illnesses. Through meditation and proper breathing techniques it is possible to reach a state where we can lift our consciousness to enhance individual healing abilities and help to mitigate pre-existing conditions. The tones produced by the didgeridoo make it possible for people who have never consciously focused on meditation and breathing techniques, to reach these deep healing states with very little effort.

People change the oil in their cars every 3,000 miles, yet how often do they practice proper energetic or breath exchange? Through a series of very simple shifts in personal practices one can improve one's personal health and longevity. In turn, this will lead to a greater sense of balance that will impact every aspect of one's life."

Joking aside, the didgeridoo CD that you can order from the site is really awesome on the ear but I won't accept that it is used as some sort of miracle worker. I tried to find a youtube video of someone carrying out this therapy but I guess not enough people are in to it. So here's a clip of a painted man playing one instead.

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Maddie said...

Haha good post, I have a didgeridoo believe it or not, I may try it the next time I'm feeling low.

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