Sunday, 8 February 2009

Speaking Volumes

Recently, you may have replaced you halogen light bulbs with energy saving ones, which is fair enough, but when you need to replace these why not buy light bulbs that have speakers for your Ipod? It may sound silly, but the Castiglione Morelli-designed Bulb-Sound-Speaker does exactly this and, although in the concept stage, it has recieved a lot of attention.
How it works:
The speaker is powered through the same fitting as the light bulb meaning you can plug it in anywhere. You don't need to leave your Ipod dangling from a wire connected to your light, this is the 21st century! Bluetooth means you Ipod is a s mobile as ever when playing through the speaker - no wait I mean light bulb - no wait i do mean speaker. There is one issue I have though, at the moment you can't use the speaker and lightbulb at the same time so you'll have to rave in the dark.

There's Plenty More Fish In The Sea:
Who wants a Light bulb speaker? Here's the best of the rest:

1. The Yoruzu audio kit - yes, that is a japanese milk carton being used as a $51 speaker.
2. Is it a toaster? Is it an Amp? No It's insane!

3. Ever wanted to play your guitar through a beer can?

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