Monday, 9 February 2009

The Talk Box!

Now you probably won't care much but the other day I was listening to the track "Generator" by Foo Fighters and was wondering what the hell the intruement was that makes the noise in the intro and throughout the song. So I did my research and foundout. It's called a talk box and is my new favourite instrument.

The talk box is an odd piece of kit and looks like a garden hose pipe. You connect it to your synth or guitar and whilst playing your intrument you stick the pipe in you mouth and connect the box to an amp. This will result in a new universe of weird sounds that will perplex your ear. Famous users of the talk box include Foo Figters, Stevie Wonder and Kanye West/Daft Punk.

The best use of a talkbox has to be talking or singing into the pipe which will create a robotic voice for yourself like the faster, stronger bit by daft punk. Apparently, there is controversy surrounding who invented this device but you can read more here on wikipedia which also tells us how one works a bit better than me so is worth a quick visit.

Still Wondering what a talk box sounds like? Watch this gangster showing it off:

Make you own recession busting talk box here!

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