Saturday, 14 February 2009

Making Music Crunch Proof

Every time you listen to the radio, turn on the TV or fire up the Internet, you probably see someone nattering on about the credit crunch. Today that person is me (sorry). But I'll try and put a good spin on things. Making music is a great hobby but it is a common myth that you need a lot of expensive equipment to do this. Making music is credit crunch proof and here's 5 ways to prove it:

1. Sample, Sample, Sample and Sample!
You don't even need to make music. All you need to do is go fishing for it. You can catch all sorts of great sounds like sirens or birds tweeting or maybe your loved one snoring at night. Hey that's what alternative music is all about isn't it? This wonderful audio can easily be caught on your iPhone or cheap microphone recorder but you don't want to do this because of the cheap hissy quality. Well see No.4 for free software to cut out the crap. Anyway, new music and bands like Hot Chip purposely make tunes a bit rough around the edges. Clean and pristine is not always best. Just look at what distortion has done.

2. DIY
You're going to need an armoury of instruments to make your music - but that costs a bit. Well have thrice as much fun building your own. You could make you own guitar. It's not as hard as it sounds. Even buying one in bits and putting it together saves you a lot. Check out the £100 guitar challenge.

Everyone seems to play guitar though so if you're after something more exotic, how about a stomp box, or a synthesizer for $20!

3. Cardboard is the new plastic!
Cardboard is great. You can make anything from it. Bikes, computers and cars have been built from the stuff used normally as bog roll but if you just starting out, this laptop stand is a must.

4. Free Software for all!
Free software is simply amazing. There are now free demo's and programmes all over the internet waiting to be downloaded. A lot of them do what you might pay around £100 for. Audacity is great for recording and remixing your mash-up, plus, there a loads of support forums on the internet. You can live of demos these days. Check out Virtual DJ and Ultramixer for free trails that will not dissapoint. Oh yeah, you can use the ultramixer download for ever. The free trail never runs out!

5. Recycle till your dizzy!
Recycling is the best concept ever thought of and you get a real buzz when you make something for free that looks cooler then the shop window products. Even the big companies are at it. Ever heard of the band Parts and Labour? They got fans to send in their audio and made an album from it. Clipping toenails and horses are all featured. But we'll finish with a bang. Anything can be recyled. Even coconuts!

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