Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Time to Dance

It seems every year there is a stupid new complicated way of telling the time. They've got binary watches and silly displays where you have to count the dots. But none of them compare to these Tokyo dancers who blew audio-fish out of the water with this superb and very artistic e-clock.

The clock tells the time in Tokyo in a standard way but every 5 seconds, some dancers do a short 3 second movement that is representitive of the time. Now I'm not artistic but the dance moves are recognisibly clock like whilst also captivating. There is some soothing music and by now you wonder the purpose of all this. It's advertisement. The dancers are neatly dressed and are actually wearing a clothing range. The site is well worth a look and It is weirdly hard to look away.

If you want you can download it as a screensaver or embed it in your blog.

Visit this link to see the e-clock which has superb video quality.

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Sally@MyriadLife said...

That is magical and fascinating - like it!

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