Monday, 23 February 2009

Ruler Organ - Get Twanging In 5 Mins

We've all been there, back in the school classrooms, bored out of your mind until you get your plastic ruler, rest it over the edge of the desk and twang it. Nothing on earth is more satisfying, not even inter-net-courses. However, Audiofish likes to push the boundaries, one ruler isn't good enough, so lets build an organ of rulers. It only takes 5 minutes and is thoroughly amusing.

Warning: Participating in this activity may leave your friends and family emotionally detached.

Step 1 - Lay Down The Rules!

Step 2 - Overhang the rulers by different lengths.

This will obviously create different notes. There are all sorts of scales you could use.

Step 3 - Put Weights on your organ.

Step 4 -Enjoy and make youtube video!

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